College application week for Seniors


The week of Oct 26 is College Application Week for seniors. During this week, seniors will be taken out of their English classes to complete their college applications. Seniors should check their Howell Schools email address for information, resources, and a quick survey.

“It carves out time in the day for students who don’t have time or don’t have internet and gives them a chance,” guidance counselor Ms. Jennifer Starkey says.

Advisors are hoping to get complete senior participation, providing passes for those who do not have an English class. The person helping organize this event is Dean of Students, Ms. Lisa O’Connor.

“It’s just exciting being a part of it; the group running it is super organized,” O’Connor says.

College counts as any type of post high school education. Senior Carlie Smiley hopes to attend the University of Michigan for bio chemistry.
“[Application week] will help me to feel more confident about my applications,” Smiley says.