Turkey Day Thank Yous


Thanksgiving is right around the corner,  that means it’s time to break out the stretch pants and listen to grandpa’s “Back in my day” stories. It also means it’s the time to appreciate all the things in life. Whether they be large things like friends and family or small things like the sidewalk you walk on. Howell High School’s student body is very grateful for several things.

“I’m thankful for Lunchables,” junior Tarek Saad says.

“I’m definitely thankful for school stir-fry, first and foremost, it keeps me going, and the Ford engineers in 1988 for designing the 1988 Ford Mustang. And other stuff too like my family, I guess they’re kind of important, but mainly the stir-fry. Also the Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches, they are like a ray of sunshine in the morning,” senior Alexander Doyle says.

“I’m thankful for my cat Jude because he’s like the bomb. He is a really cool cat, we always snuggle together. He always knows when I’m having a bad day, and comes cheers me up,” senior Kaitlyn Bloom says.

“I’m thankful for being able to do so many things outside of school and extracurricular activities and for having such great friends,” senior Brendan Reimel says.

“I’m thankful for being able to come to school everyday,” senior Bailey Harrington says.

“I’m thankful for toilet paper,” senior Brandi Randall says.

“I am thankful for the sunrise over the desert sky,” senior Lou Bisio says.

“I am thankful for strawberry flavored beverages. Strawberry Fanta is my friend that is always there for me and it will never back stab me. Strawberry Tea will always be there to sooth my soul and body,” senior Jacob Hibbard says.
Whatever you are grateful for this holiday season, all of the members of The Main Four wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Eat all of the turkey and gravy you can possibly stuff into your stomach. Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving break.