Poehler and Fey: sister dream team

Female comedic dream team Amy Poehler and Tina Fey star in the American comedy film Sisters which was released on Dec 18, 2015 by Universal Pictures. This film is the perfect combination of pee-your-pants comedy and heartwarming moments of true-to-life sisterly love.

Sisters opens with sisters Maura and Kate Ellis (played by Poehler and Fey, respectively) facing the biggest distress of their lives. Their parents have made the decision to sell their childhood home. Both sisters are in rather rocky places in their lives: Maura is recently divorced, and Kate is struggling to hold down a job, resulting in the almost constant disappearance of her adolescent daughter. As they are forced to return home and clean out their shared childhood bedroom, they mourn the lost of what seems to be the only stable quality in their current lives.

As they dig through childhood memories, it comes to be decided that they will throw one last legendary ‘Ellis Sisters’ party. This shindig gets quickly out of hand, everything going from bad to worse as these middle aged women and their equally mature friends try to embrace their long-gone high school days. Through the course of the catastrophic party the sisters come to terms with the flaws of their current way of being, and come away from the night with an improved mindset.

As an avid fan of Poehler and Fey, I may be a bit biased. However, this is without a doubt the most hysterical film I have seen in a long while, if not ever. The chemistry between these two actresses is, as usual, completely flawless. Poehler and Fey perfectly embody the relationship between sisters. From their lame yet hilarious choreographed dance to Maura’s interruption of their fist fight to make sure Kate wasn’t seriously injured, they represented sisters everywhere impeccably.

Although this movie does incorporate some crude language for comedic effect, it is not overly crude and primarily uses vulgarity in a clever and non-offensive way. That being said, this may not be a movie you want to view with your mother. Poehler and Fey’s shenanigans may be deemed inappropriate by some, but there is no denying that they deliver a healthy dose of laughs in this delightful film.

Sisters is not simply a mindless stream of jokes. The plot is that of personal reflection and responsibility. Maura learns she must take responsibility and live her own life, while Kate learns she must be mature enough to take care of her daughter and leave her former wild behavior in the past. The most emotional part of the movie is when Kate must save her daughter from some destruction that resulted from their savage party. Kate uses her climbing skills she acquired during her partying days when she was known to climb the stone fireplace in their home. As Kate and her daughter return to safety, viewers may experience a few tears due to such a touching moment, rather than the tears of laughter that have been felt throughout the rest of the film.

If you’re looking for a belly-ache caused by giggles and a reunion with the legendary leads of Baby Mama grab a sister, biological or otherwise, and head to your nearest theater to catch this sensational flick.