Rings let down The Ring franchise

On Feb. 7 the third movie of The Ring horror franchise has been released . All three films revolve around a video that kills victims seven days after they watch it. The first Ring movie came out in 2002 and became known for being the first “actually scary” PG-13 movie. The second movie came out in 2005 and was still adored by the audience of horror film lovers. Now finally after twelve years of waiting, Rings has finally been released.


Rings follows a young women, Julia, (played by Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) who becomes worried about her boyfriend, Holt (played by Alex Roe), after he has seen the mysterious, dark, and horrific videotape. It is known the only way to save oneself from Samara, the girl that was thrown in a well to die that kills anyone who sees the video (played by Bonnie Morgan), is to copy the tape and show someone else. Julia will sacrifice herself to save her only love, while doing this they discover a horrific secret.


Julia and Holt believe that Samara is not at peace and still struggling. They will travel to the church where Samara is said to be buried and try to find clues on what Samara wants and why she was even killed and thrown down the well in the first place. In the past movies the reporters got extremely far on Samara’s story, they found her mom and the insane asylum she was in, a videotape of Samara as a young girl, and her old house and her adopted father.


This new film, Rings, did change a huge aspect of the plot, they changed the videotape that Julia and Holt watch. In the original and sequel the videotape had stayed the same showing images of Samara, her mother, and the well she was thrown down. But for some unknown reason in Rings they decided to change the tape that is iconic to the movie. This completely changed the whole mood of the movie by making it seem less realistic. The original fans who were excited to see the new movie were let down to see the most important part was changed.


Rings is a sequel that came out a decade too late. The whole plot was stretched too far and became a never ending loop. Julia and Holt try to look for new information about Samara, which they do find, but it’s almost as if it was unnecessary to find and is causing the series to be never ending.


The Ring is suppose to be a horror movie and Rings has made the villain, Samara, sympathetic. The audience is supposed to fear Samara not feel guilt for her. The whole film became boring and pointless and a sad example of a horror film. Even fans and lovers of the first two films are struggling to find something to enjoy here.


The Ring is a classic and all horror movies lovers should see the original, which will be far more enjoyable than this new film. Rings just happened to ruin the heart racing creepy part of the series. Rings would be rated ⅕ screams while The Rings from 2002 would be rated 5/5 screams. Fans will still continue to cherish the previous films.