Steph Curry denies invitation to White House


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Maegan Bandemer, News Editor

As of Sat. Sept. 23, the Warriors NBA Basketball Team will not be paying a visit to the White House to celebrate their victory in the NBA Finals.  President Donald Trump withdrew the team’s invitation after multiple players expressed their disinterest in visiting.  

During the Warriors media day on Fri. Sept. 22, Stephen Curry announced that he did not want to go to the White House due to President Donald Trump’s actions and responses so far in his presidency. Other players on the team expressed the same opinion,  including Kevin Durant, who has been refusing to attend since August, when he expressed his dissatisfaction as a result of Trump’s response to the rallies in Charlottesville.

Since 1963, the NBA champions have made an annual visit to the White House to celebrate their victory. Due to Curry refusing to go and Trump withdrawing the invitation, this tradition has been broken after 54 years.

“I think he should have gone even though he doesn’t like Trump much. It’s been a tradition in sports for a long time but now all of a sudden it’s been made into a political thing,” sophomore at Howell High School Mickey Bonanni says.

On the other hand, some believe Curry’s choice was justified.

“I mean it’s his personal opinion. It definitely does not fix the situation that is going on between Trump and sports teams but if he does not want to go to the White House that is his own choice,” sophomore at HHS Zach Nicholas says.

After hearing about Curry’s decision, Trump took to Twitter to respond.

“Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!” Trump says in a recent tweet.

While Coach Steve Kerr respects Curry’s decision, he is disappointed the team won’t be able to discuss any issues affecting their community with Trump directly. The Warriors still have plans to travel to Washington D.C. in the upcoming February without visiting the White House. They plan on seeing other attractions and celebrating their victory.

“…to celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion – the values we embrace as an organization,” the Warrior’s organization says.