Anticipation for Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Image taken from Google

Alyssa Donahoo , Staff Writer

Rey—the one with the force—steals the spotlight in the upcoming Star Wars: The last Jedi on Dec. 15, 2017. Tickets are now on sale at MJR 20 in Brighton. Purchasing the tickets in advance online for $11 is the only way to guarantee a seat to feel the force the night of Dec. 14 at midnight. There is sure to be a full house, so buying tickets for the evening of Dec. 15 beforehand is a smart idea.

Being left with a cliffhanger from The Force Awakens where Rey dramatically finds the one and only Luke Skywalker and hands him his own lightsaber that he used to fight for the rebellion, the development of Rey and Luke’s relationship throughout the movie is expected. This new trailer has left us counting down the days for the release. Through the trailer, the dark side’s one and only Kylo Ren talks about Rey’s undeniable power with the force, and Luke confesses the raw power of Rey as frightening. People with this kind of power pose a threat the the rebellion. The trailer is left on an intense cliffhanger, when Rey says she needs guidance and Kylo Ren appears. The only explanation being that she’s going to strengthen her powers through the dark side. The Last Jedi is also the last movie that Carrie Fisher will appear in, although this is only the second movie for the trilogy. There’s an expected cliffhanger this time because there is still one more movie after The Last Jedi.