Upcoming Classicality and Calamity auditions


By A & E Editor: Madison Deadman

Classicality and Calamity are student-led female and male groups that perform pop culture music A cappella. For those interested, please attend these upcoming auditions.

“The audition process is challenging for the performers and those making selections. Not only am I choosing, but the graduating seniors are as well,” says Mr. Rod Bushey, choir director.

Classicality auditions are held on June 2 at 2:30 p.m. in the choir room. Here the students auditioning will be divided into parts (alto II, alto I, soprano II, soprano I) to learn a four-part rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. They will start with two people singing a part then break it down to one person per part. After that, cuts will be made and the remaining girls will sing a quick cut of a song of their choice. New incoming Classicality Members will be announced at the end of auditions and go out for a Dairy Queen celebration afterwards.

“The attitudes are positive and everyone is there encouraging one another, providing an atmosphere that is fun and stress free,” says Katie Wesley, 2013-2014 Classicality co-captain.

Calamity auditions are held Wednesday, June 4 at 2:30 in the choir room. They are run the exact same way as Classicality auditions but will be taught the old classic song, Duke of Earl.

“Because of the nature of the program, our talent comes and goes. We, the captains, have a lot planned for next year’s Calamity and need strong, confident voices,” says current Calamity member, Jack Porath.

To those planning on auditioning for either of these groups, come prepared with a smile and be full of confidence. Everyone involved with the auditioning process wants the singers to do their best and share the talents they possess to the best of their abilities.