Annual local event celebrates Halloween


Jordyn McConnaughey, Social Media Editor

Saturday October, 25 from 5pm until 9pm the Howell area Parks and Recreation center will be hosting the 12th annual Legend of Sleepy Howell. This is an event that brings the community of Howell together to celebrate Halloween and fall.

Activities such as pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and even a Headless Horseman 5k/10k can all be found in downtown Howell on the 25th. Between 200 and 300 volunteers have been working hard to make this event special. The Legend of Sleepy Howell is family friendly and is a great way to enjoy fun fall activities and support the Howell community.

Perhaps one of the most talked about events at the Legend of Sleepy Howell are the unique Headless Horseman races and the Monster Mile. The Monster Mile is new this year and is a mile long race that encourages runners/walkers to dress up in costume for the run. The Headless Horseman runs also encourage runners to dress up.

“The 5k starts at 7:30pm and it takes you through the cemetery by Thompson Lake. I feel like the run is fairly casual, but it’s a little bit spooky, it’s casually spooky,” junior Hillary Ricklemann says.

This will be Ricklemanns first time running in the 5k at the Legend of Sleepy Howell event, although she has attended the event before and says to have really enjoyed it.

“I feel like it bands us together and strengthens our community, it’s all about the kids and the next generation,” Hillary says.

If running isn’t for you there are many other activities that can be found at the event that are sure to put you in the Halloween spirit. In fact, according to assistant director of the Howell Parks and Recreation center, Beth Schrader, there will be a lot of new activities to look forward to this year.

“I wanted to add new activities this year so that it’s like a new event every time you go,” Schrader says.

Trick or treating downtown and the Headless Horseman races will still be held just like in years past, but this year expect some different activities than before. A pumpkin carving man will be there to show off his talent at carving pumpkins as well as to judge a pumpkin carving contest.  Small carnival rides, a photo booth, ghost tours, games of broom ball, a flash mob starting at 7 pm, and many more exciting activities will be held at this year’s Legend of Sleepy Howell. The U of M and MSU game will also be shown at the Howell Theater and a game of ransom will be held. Beth recommends both of these activities for high school kids.

‘We are trying to find things for everyone to do so that families can all come” Schrader says.

High school junior Nick Beard has attended the event three times and plans to attend it again this year. He has ran in the Headless Horseman race and wandered around the event before and says he enjoyed it very much.

“I think the event is targeted more for families, but there are also things for kids in high school to do. My younger sister is 15 and she still enjoys going to the event,” Beard says. “The event really captures the spirit of the season.”

The Legend of Sleepy Howell is a unique event that gets the community of Howell together. New aspects have been added to attract people of all ages and the event really supports the downtown Howell area.

“I think it brings in a lot of people to showcase and promote downtown as well as giving families a safe place to go trick or treating,”  Beth Schrader says.

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