Horror movies to enjoy this fall


Michael Gottschalk, Staff Writer

It’s the best time of the year to try to scare yourself and your friends, and what better way to do that then go see a scary movie? 2014 had a few films that just might make your spine tingle and your hair stand straight up. Here are two recent movies that have a scary-feel to them.

Probably the most anticipated of all scary movies this year, Annabelle is a prequel and spin-off to last year’s The Conjuring. The movie is mostly about the struggles a family encounters when they bring home a doll that just so happens to be possessed. Where The Conjuring received large amounts of praise, made a lot of money, and scared most who saw it, Annabelle didn’t live up to expectations. The Conjuring had me terrified for weeks and I screamed like a small child in the theater. I feel that the plot was much better and felt a lot less forced than that of Annabelle. While both were advertised as true stories, The Conjuring was much more believable with the possession of a person instead of a doll. Rotten Tomatoes agrees, with a critic score of 31% and a user score of 43%. For me, I felt the movie was made more to make the viewer jump than actually fear what was happening. If you’re looking to see a movie with plenty of excitement, however, I recommend this movie for the jolts that it will give you.

The other headlining horror flick is called Ouija. In this film, a girl is mysteriously killed while playing with a Ouija board. This leads a group of her friends to investigate, which has its consequences. Personally, I felt this movie was boring. It just didn’t scare me. The scary scenes were few and far in between. Even the scenes where you are supposed to jump were missing. Critics and users of Rotten Tomatoes agree with me, as it scored a 10% approval rating, and only 37% with users. I think this movie would be better for beginners to the horror genre, and I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for a genuine scare.