Would you rather have more time or more money?


Kaylee Hamilton, InDesign Editor

Would you rather have more time or money?

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This past week 62 Howell High School students from all grades and teachers alike were asked, Would you rather have more time or more money?

The response? 34 people chose time and 28 people chose money.

In today’s society, it is expected of students to go to school, participate in extracurricular activities, do hours of homework, have a job, and get an adequate amount of sleep. These pressures are the underlying causes that persuaded the 32 out of 60 students to choose having more time.

“I choose more time so that I can get more money,” Alexis Rumptz says.

Many people perceive time as an idea in which one can achieve goals and make progress. Some people may believe making money takes too much time away from things that hold a higher importance to them such as improving one’s knowledge or athletic ability.

Although money is a critical component of our society, time is needed in order to gain more money. On the other hand, money can’t buy time which is necessary to get these things done. Time is something that people cannot get back.

“If I have more money then I wouldn’t need to work, giving me more time,” junior Kathryn McCray says, who chose to have more money.

Because of time, people are able to make money. The perception of this concept allows many to have a strong work ethic to achieve their goal.

“More time because then if I wanted to make money, I would have time to do that as well as do the other things that I like to do.” junior Ally McNeal says.

Time can be divided amongst many things that people do within a day, however, people tend to manage their time in a way that they feel a lack of time in one area, whether it is time for homework or time for sleep.

“Having more time would give me the chance to live in the moment and really enjoy my high school years and the friends that I have now. We can never get these moments back so why not make the most of it.” senior Erin Hamilton says.

On the other hand, the society is pressuring many high school students to desire more money because the popular culture is always changing. Due to the constant want of the newest and “best” product that is offered, many teens believe having the goods will lead to happiness.

“More money because I have none.” English teacher Mr. Miller says.

Money is what makes our society thrive. In order to have a comfortable lifestyle, money is required for the goods we use in our life. Goods and services are received from the exchange of money, but time was put into creating those same goods and services.

This survey arouses a parallel question- what do you value more? Perhaps our society can evaluate the importance of both money and time that is placed in everyday life and begin to make the most of what we have.

“Money is paper but what is time?” junior Brandi Randall says.