Self and selfie

Self and selfie

Lindsey Saba, News Editor

A few days ago, I heard my favorite word shouted in the hallway: “Selfie!”

The word “selfie” is everywhere in our society. It is often heralded by a hashtag, been immortalized in a pop song, and has even appeared in the latest version of Webster’s Dictionary.

However, selfies themselves are disliked and often stigmatized; it is said that the people who take them are vain and “trying too hard”. Snickers and snide comments are prevalent when certain people come across another’s selfie.

Still, as much as they are mocked, I truly love selfies—even though I have taken approximately two good ones.

Selfies are wonderful things. They are spontaneous and un-orchestrated; taken simply because someone likes how they looked at that second or because they want to remember the moment and the fun they had with friends.

Narcissism does not play a part in selfie culture: you are not egotistical or self-centered if you like how you look. The word to describe that is self-confidence, and that is a beautiful thing. 

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For people that have struggled with their self-image, a selfie, no matter how awkwardly taken, is a celebration. Yes, I am here, I am alive, and yes, I look dang good.

There are those who hate when a selfie pops up on their social media of choice, and to them I say…why? Look at this face, marvel that there is a human being behind every like and re-tweet, see how they are preserved in this moment when they took a picture of their own face and deemed it worthy for others to behold in the way that they, the taker, chose.

That is selfie culture, and to me, a selfie is exquisite, no matter how blurry or silly. So selfie on, for I, at least, will never tire of seeing them.