Hello! We are here!

Hello! We are here!

Mackenzie McDonell, Julia Lively, Jordan Pudvay, Opinion Editor, Staff Writer, Social Media Editor

The HHS paper has been around for almost ten years, yet a lot of our own student body doesn’t know that we exist. We are constantly writing stories and updating the school with current events. We put extensive amounts of work into our stories and yet not a lot of people know about our stories or where to look for them. Other than our staff talking about the newspaper, people don’t seem to know a lot about us.

After interviewing our student body, we were overwhelmed with the responses to the question: What is the Howell Main Four? Some of the more exciting responses to our question were:

“The four main offices in our school? We do have four offices right?”

“The power couples, such as Beyonce and Jay Z and Brad and Angelina?”

“The four years of high school.”

“A restaurant? I feel like I’ve heard the name before.”

“An exclusive club..is this an invite?”

“I honestly have no idea.”

And the most common answer, “No, I didn’t know we have a newspaper,” sophomore Jimmy Karvonen says.

After a poll of 170 students, we have learned that an overwhelming 41% of our student body did not know the correct answer to our question. A school newspaper is the key to connecting a school to its community. It’s almost crazy to think of how many people are mentioned each day and don’t even realize it! Personally, I think we work hard to cover a wide range of clubs and activities throughout school and the amount of clueless people is slightly alarming.

Yes, we advertise and promote ourselves with Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram, but do you really know what we do on a daily basis? Have you ever wondered? Advanced Journalism is a class where free expression and great companionship are experienced each day. We are lucky to have the opportunity to interview a wide range of people from our superintendent and Red Wings players, to people who organize and put on our big local events. Our paper is lucky to have a great, interactive website, which we publish to everyday, and update with the latest and greatest events. We also have such a fun time putting out a print paper two times throughout the school year. We love what we do and hope you take an interest in what we do too.

We did however, get some loyal “fans” if I may say, that are proud to be in the paper from time to time. We are lucky to have the viewers we do and love to hear from them. Junior Lexi Yenshaw’s response was music to our ears.

“Yes, I have been interviewed a lot. I think it’s cool,” Yenshaw says.

It’s always nice to hear someone compliment our work or even hear they have read one of our stories. We appreciate all of the people who take notice to our paper because it is so dear to us and hope you continue reading!