2015 Valedictorian, Connor Norton

Jackie Keranen

Congratulations to Howell’s valedictorian of 2015, Connor Norton! Norton has been the number one Summa Cum Laude for his last two years of high school. He has received numerous awards and has been involved in many organizations.

Norton earned a perfect score on his ACT. He also maintained a High School GPA of a 4.0 or higher for all his high school years. For Norton’s entire academic career, he never received a grade less than an A. Norton took many Advanced Placement Courses throughout high school, taking five AP classes senior year alone. He was a nominee in 2014 for the Advanced Placement Chemistry Award. He received his varsity letter for Academics and Marching Band. Being a tutor for the National Honor Society for two years was an extracurricular activity for Norton.

“Find what you love and pursue it until you die,” Norton says.

In the future, Norton plans on going into the engineering program at the University of Michigan. He wants to launch his own firm that focuses on software development once he finishes college.