Howell football team delivers Homecoming game win

Howell football team delivers Homecoming game win

Kira Cleer, Editor in Chief

October 6, 2016

After a week of spirit and months of prep, on September 30th, Howell's varsity football team beat Grand Blanc's team during the 2016 homecoming game. Despite the rain throughout the first half of the game, the team kept their spirits high and beat Grand Blanc 48-46 after maintaining the lead the entire...

Howell High takes on Homecoming Week

Howell High takes on Homecoming Week

Regan Lezotte, Staff Writer

September 26, 2016

Students have the opportunity to show their school spirit this week as Howell High celebrates their annual Homecoming celebration. Get into the spirit with this years Homecoming spirit week. Monday is camo day, Tuesday is hawaiian day, Wednesday is color day: freshman are green, sophomores are gold, ...

Turkey Day Thank Yous

Turkey Day Thank Yous

Drew Laughner, Staff Writer

November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, that means it’s time to break out the stretch pants and listen to grandpa’s “Back in my day” stories. It also means it’s the time to appreciate all the things in life. Whether they be large things like friends and family or small things like the sidewalk you walk on. Howell High School’s student body is very grateful for several things.

MRPA helps students get involved

From Left -Emma Atkins, Tim Church and Eric Crause

Jackie Keranen, Staff writer

November 23, 2015

The Michigan Parks and Recreation Association (MRPA) is an organization that allows everyone in the Livingston County to help each other out. From Nov. 6-8, MRPA hosted a youth symposium in Detroit.

Fall’s most cliche dates unraveled

Fall's most cliche dates unraveled

October 20, 2015

The Main Four's own, Bennett Halek and Jackie Keranen, explain the realistic thoughts from girls and guys about fall's most cliche dates.

HHS’s favorite 2015 Hoco-proposals

Seniors Greta Boyd and Greg Kearns.

October 8, 2015

Every high school girl’s dream is to be asked to Homecoming in a creative way by their crush. Whether you buy her a simple bouquet of flowers or surprise her in front of the school, she will be impressed with your effort.

Celebrate safe driving with concerts and school grants

Celebrate safe driving with concerts and school grants

Kira Cleer, Staff Writer

October 8, 2014

Howell senior of the Interact Club begins fundraiser called 2n2 to promote safe driving at Howell High in the hopes to win grants and a concert

“We The People” to participate in district hearing

Cassie Bondie, Social Media Editor

November 10, 2013

By Social Media Editor: Cassie Bondie Howell High School’s “We The People” class is back from their previous wins as a new group and is already looking for practice opportunities to prepare them for state competition. The group will be taking part in a district hearing on Tuesday, November 12 in...

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