The Fashion Institute of Howell has arrived

The Fashion Institute of Howell has arrived

Mackenzie McDonell and Jordyn McConnaughey March 24, 2015
A new club has arrived at Howell high school. The Fashion Institute of Howell High is now in full swing! Howell has been lacking this form of a group for quite some time until now! Three girls have just recently changed that. Mackenzie McDonell, Jordyn McConnaughey, and Hannah Tucker have founded Howell’s first fashion blog and club.
Fall fashion trends

Fall fashion trends

Jordyn McConnaughey, Social Media Editor October 28, 2014

Whether people realize it or not, fashion is a big part of high school life, especially as we switch from shorts to sweaters. Many new fashion trends have arrived with the fall season. Both boys and girls...

Looking at the style of Howell High School

James Edwards and James Edwards October 8, 2013

By Staff Writer: James Edwards Alright, I may not know much about style, but I will tell you what I think you should and shouldn't do. You will also learn, from my point of view, what looks good for guys...

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