Veteran’s Day assembly


Howell High’s leadership class has been preparing an assembly in honor of Veteran’s Day on Wed. Nov 11,  since the end of homecoming. Holly Oswalt, Mackenzie McDonell, Amy Jarrett, Genny Wisby, and Erin Utter are running this year’s assembly that will provide students and teachers the chance to honor veterans in the United States. The assembly will start at approximately 9:30 a.m. in the auditorium and go through third hour. Howell is given the opportunity to listen to an active military member, Kelly Simon, speak about the significance of Veteran’s Day. Also expected to be present is Howell’s band and choir members. Junior Julia Ettema will be playing Taps on her trumpet; a popular military song. Senior Hans Hansen will be performing a song on acoustic guitar and senior Sam Chapman will be presenting a poem. Howell’s JROTC will also have the honor of presenting our country’s colors.