In America: A Lexicon of Fashion

In America: A Lexicon of Fashion

Faith McDevitt, Staff Writer October 8, 2021

In America: A Lexicon of Fashion was the theme for the 2021 Met Gala. The results were unimpressive and disappointing, as most of the white carpet outfits that stood out were the bad ones. The Met Gala...

Howell Public Schools Stance on Mask Mandate

Griffin Reis & Natalie Dooley September 27, 2021

PRO: Highlanders deserve safety  The probability of a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is on the rise along with cases. With this increase, the question of whether or not masks should be necessary...

Mental Health In Public Schools

Chelsee Hines, Staff Writer September 27, 2021

When it comes to mental health in public schools, it's not always handled in the best ways.  A majority of the time the effects that mental health has on students is brushed off. Whether it be with...

Texas Abortion Laws are a Step too Far

Texas Abortion Laws are a Step too Far

Graydon Kirkland, Staff Writer September 23, 2021

On September 1, 2021, Texas commenced the “Texas Heartbeat Act.” This act makes abortions illegal once a heartbeat is detectible in an embryo of an unborn child. Individuals who are caught being involved...

Biden’s Actions Within Afghanistan

Biden’s Actions Within Afghanistan

Graydon Kirkland, Staff Writer September 23, 2021

On May 1, U.S. President Joe Biden made the executive decision to start the withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan. The entire process of removing troops from the region was planned to extend...

In person school, more beneficial to kids

Drew Thacker, Griffin Reis, Graphic Design Editor, Staff Writer March 23, 2021

With the return in-person schooling, there have been lots of benefits. Many students were very happy to be back in physical classes after a long Spring & Summer lockdown. Engaging in real life learning...

Virtual Learning, Safer for HHS

Briget Stolz , Social Media Editor March 23, 2021

Last autumn, Howell High School returned to in-person learning without a COVID-19 vaccine and decided that students would have a multitude of choices; continue online learning, return to school in-person,...

Kick out the TikTok

Kick out the TikTok

Jack Crandell, Staff writer November 2, 2020

TikTok has been on thin ice lately. Concerns including dangerous challenges, toxicity between users, and issues with security and privacy. These issues surrounding TikTok have caused many parents and users...

Dont drop TikTok

Don’t drop TikTok

Brady Vandellen, Staff writer November 2, 2020

TikTok, one of the largest growing social media platforms, has faced a lot of controversy recently. The social media app has over 800 million users, and includes many challenges, trends, and dances. These...



Griffin Reis, Staff writer November 2, 2020

On Fri, Oct 2, the highly anticipated ‘SAVAGE MODE II’ was released. Savage later released his debut studio album, “Issa Album” in 2017, and followed up with “I am > I was” in 2018. Trap...

Courtesy of Meghan Claus

Future parking at howell high school

Sadie Boscher, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

Sophomores might just have a spot to park in the next upcoming school years at Howell High School, but is this really a wise choice?  Starting the school year of 2020, sophomore students may be lucky...

Mackinac’s century long tradition broken

Ashton Cove, A&E Editor October 23, 2019

The beloved Mackinac Island has upheld the tradition of remaining automobile-free for over a century- until Vice President Mike Pence visited- arriving in an eight car motorcade. Since 1898, all motorized...

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