Texas Abortion Laws are a Step too Far

Texas Abortion Laws are a Step too Far

Graydon Kirkland, Staff Writer

On September 1, 2021, Texas commenced the “Texas Heartbeat Act.” This act makes abortions illegal once a heartbeat is detectible in an embryo of an unborn child. Individuals who are caught being involved in or facilitating an abortion will face a $10,000 minumum fine for statutory damages. This heartbeat is typically detectible in human embryos around the sixth week of development inside of the womb of the mother. This means that people who are sexually active must be checking their pregnancy status very frequently if they want to prevent an unwanted pregnancy from occurring. 

This new law has sparked enormous controversy, primarily from two different schools of thought. There are those individuals who are fully pro-choice. This view entails that women can decide to abort a child at any given moment prior to the birth of the child. There are also those who are pro-life, who take the opposite stance. Pro-life supporters believe that under no circumstance should a child be aborted during any point of pregnancy after conception. 

I take a moderate stance on this new law. It is too aggressively asserted without taking circumstances into account. Women should have the right to do as they please with their own bodies. With that being said, that cannot justify aborting a fully developed, third trimester infant child. There can be a balance between what is legal, and what is morally correct. No side of the argument will ever be fully satisfied, but giving each side something to stand on is the best way to compromise on this very important issue.

Abortions should be legal, under certain circumstances. One of which is getting your abortion done before the third trimester begins. By this time, an infant child is nearing full development, and the mother had plenty of time prior to receive their abortion. Killing a nearly fully developed fetus is not morally correct, unless it would save the life of the mother. In that case, abortions for the sole reason of saving the mother’s life should always be permissible.

A large topic revolving around the abortion law is young children, teenagers, or rape victims who have an unwanted pregnancy. I believe an exception should be made to those underneath the legal age of consent within their state, and for those impregnated unwillingly. That being said, they should still following the idea of receiving their abortion before the third trimester begins. That would leave approximately six months to recieve a chemical abortion, or have one performed upon yourself, and that is more than enough time to take care of an unwanted child. Those who break the law under this new idea should be fined or jailed accordingly on a case by case basis.

I think a moderate approach to the Texas Heartbeat Act would be more appropriate than what is currently being enforced in the state. Both sides have defensible points regarding morals and legal rights. Recognizing the value of both sides is the first step in creating laws that more people agree with, and are willing to abide by in their personal lives.

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