Creed is a knockout

For fans of the Rocky film series, there are various levels of letdown or euphoria that a person feels with each new installment. The original Rocky is the ultimate underdog story: the amateur gets his shot at the king in order to find his glory, fame, and a lady. Rocky V is the polar opposite, an abomination of cinema that leaves fans wanting more from one of film’s best heroes. The rest of the series has its ups and downs and memorable moments.

Creed is the perfect way to breathe a new and refreshing life into the series. Starring Michael B. Jordan as the titular Adonis Creed, illegitimate son of Rocky’s deceased former rival Apollo Creed, the audience is once again captivated by another true underdog. Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as Rocky Balboa, who is now a retired restaurateur in Philadelphia. Creed seeks Rocky’s help to train him to become a successful boxer like his father. Rocky initially rejects, but the two soon form a close bond and Rocky trains Creed.

Jordan’s performance is downright exceptional. His character’s aggression and passion fuel the film and he is incredibly believable. He looks every bit like a boxer, with quick hands and a sweet punch. One of my favorite aspects of the movie is Creed’s relationship with singer Bianca (Tessa Thompson). The way they are both independent young people working at their craft is a captivating secondary story.

Stallone also manages to make Rocky an interesting and thoughtful character, even though he takes the backseat for the first time in the series. Rocky almost manages to provoke pity, still grieving over his dead wife and having just been diagnosed with cancer, and it adds so much more depth to the movie.

While some may disagree, I have to say that Creed is my second favorite of the Rocky series. The storyline is much better than any other the other entries in the series and the acting is top shelf. Surely there will be sequels and I will surely see all of them.

This movie is one for any casual or die hard Rocky fan and I give it 9.5/10 boxing gloves.