Tips to help you thrift

Tips to help you thrift

Polo and Nike and Calvin oh my! They are all brands that can make people cry when they look at the price tag in their respective stores. If this sounds like you, thrift shopping could be your savior. Stores like Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and upscale resale boutiques in quaint downtowns all have hidden gems begging to be bought. Whether you’re looking for name brands, clothing for an art project, or a funny outfit for a party, there is no telling what you might be able to find. If you find yourself opting out of thrift shopping plans because it’s “too much work”, don’t fret, there are ways to make thrifting more successful and less of a hassle.


Brand Hunting

Going into a giant thrift store can be overwhelming. Racks and racks of clothing, minimal organization, and small aisles can cause even the most seasoned thrifter to contemplate bailing, but don’t give up just yet. There are ways to navigate the labyrinth and come out a victor. One of the best techniques is brand hunting. Brand hunting is when you look for specific brands instead of looking at each clothing item individually. This cuts back the amount of time it takes to look through a rack significantly allowing you to cover more ground while you still have your energy. Simply flip through the clothing look for brand tags or logos of choice, and there’s more name brands than you might think.


Discount days

At places like the Salvation Army, when they’re open, there’s a sale. Fifty percent off certain tag colors, discounts on certain types of items, student discounts, men’s nights, ladies’ nights, special sales on holidays, all of these can take an already significantly discounted item to just a few dollars. At some places new sales are introduced throughout the day, such as night owl sales. Go to a nearby thrift store and see if they have a calendar of special sale days.


Go with friends

There’s nothing that can make a thrift hunt more enjoyable than being able to laugh about the wacky things you find with your buddies. Not only can your thrifting speed increase tremendously if you mean business, it also allows you to relax and enjoy the laughs and the jokes. Friends may spot good finds you missed, like those matching rainbow turtle necks, or help you make those tough decisions like whether or not the windbreaker is a little too 90s (the answer is always no).



There are endless amounts of ways to take what may seem like a basic thrifted clothing item to something unique and quintessentially, you. Tie dye, bleaching, cropping, sewing, destructing, all very cheap and have the potential to be very aesthetically pleasing. Fabric markers and patches are also great ways to ensure a great, one of a kind item. It helps to know what kind of item you’re looking for and going in with an idea of what you want to create in mind.


Regardless of what type of trip you’re making, there are ways to make it an efficient and enjoyable trip. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, by the next week there should be plenty more to hunt through. Happy thrifting!