Howell Palooza performances for the public


It’s that time of year again! Back from spring break and time for Howell High School’s annual performance, Howell Palooza.

This year the performance will be on Wed. April 6 at 7:00 p.m. The performances this year vary in many different ways and there will a large variety of performers. There will be music performers such as singers and musicians, flag twirlers, rock bands, cover bands, jazz band, percussion ensemble, and much more.

This year’s performers will not only be some of the usuals, like the jazz band and the percussion ensemble, but there are also going to be new additions to this year’s performance. With many people requesting to be part of the show there will be some new soloists, twirlers, and even a poem being read for the audience. The choir program will also be involved with two singing performances, from Calamity and Classicality.

This year’s show will have many different types of performers and will vary in many differents ways that will hopefully keep you very entertained. And because it is all being run by the HHS music program, the performance will be free to the public. Come support the performers and see the Howell Palooza.