All this clowning Around


WDIV Local Four News reported in the past few weeks that the first clown to be seen in Michigan was in the metro Detroit area during the first week of October.

According to reports, it began in Greenville, South Carolina. A boy reported to his mother that a man dressed as a clown was trying to lure him, as well as other children, into the wooded area surrounding the apartment complex the family lives in.

While the clown craze has been seen in multiple areas across the United States, it has escalated into what is mostly just clowning around. An activity where people dress up as clowns and attempt to scare others for the sake of humor.

“If you see a clown, don’t record it, don’t post about it on social media, just get away from it and call the police,” sophomore Kam Register says.

Not everyone is down with the clown, including the Howell Police Department.

According to the HPD, there have been no verified clown sightings in Howell. Any buzz about  clowns going around Howell is mostly based off of rumors spread through social media outlets like Twitter.  

“Make an assessment as to whether or not there’s any reason to be fearful, and if there is good reason to feel that way, call 911. We need good information to be provided by someone who is willing to provide their name. Prank calls are not needed,” Howell Police Chief Mr. George Basar says.