Fidel Castro passes at age 90

Fidel Castro passes at age 90

Fri, Nov 25, the world watched as Cuba paid their respects to the passing of their late leader, Fidel Castro. The world felt mixed feelings as people gave both tears and cheers in the aftermath of his passing.

While Castro may have been an enemy in the eyes of some Americans, he was still seen as a powerful leader to Cuba. For some people Castro was the only leader they have ever known, serving a total of forty seven years in power. The nation gave public respects by flying their flags at half-staff and canceling public events to show respect.

Castro was a leader of change for the people of Cuba, as he led the Cubans to freedom from their previous dictator, totalitarian Fulgencio Batista. Not only did Castro liberate Cuba from their old system of leadership, but he also helped take the country and put it on the map as a powerful nation.

Castro will be missed by his people but not by all, as many of the changes he made to the country weren’t good for his citizens. With the bad economic effects that have occurred in recent decades, Castro’s popularity took a turn and the people began to demand for change. With widespread problems in the world such as the Cuban missile crisis and the spread communism made Castro be seen as an enemy to America.

Although the population of Cuba wasn’t always in favor of their leader, he is still seen as a great political figure in their eyes. He gave their country a place on the map and with his passing Cuba will continue to keep him in their minds and memory.

I think that a man should not live beyond the age when he begins to deteriorate, when the flame that lighted the brightest moment of his life has weakened.

~Fidel Castro