HHS blocks social media on wifi


In light of recent events, Howell High School has been put under a social media break where websites such as Twitter and Snapchat have banned on the HHS wifi servers. This type of barrier on HHS’s network has been seen in other instances, such as the app After School, an app that allowed students to post anonymously about their peers.

The ban was put into effect the morning of Thurs, Jan. 12 after videos of altercations that took place during the same week surfaced on many student’s social media accounts. It is unknown if the ban to these social media platforms is a temporary change within Howell High. The length and future of this ban is to be decided by administration at a later date.
“It angers me that this affects people who weren’t part of the fights, but I understand and agree with administration in their decision on blocking these,” senior Kaitlin Carter says.