LACASA New Awareness Campaign Sheds Light on Jealousy


LACASA has announced a new awareness campaign called, ¨Update Your Apps and Set Your Boundaries.”


Social media is the focus of the campaign because students are being more and more controlled in their relationships via text.  The campaign was developed by the Teen Advisory Council, who are Livingston County High School students that have a passion for making changes in the community.


According to the Teen Advisory Council, the message behind the campaign is, ¨Jealousy and guilt can be used to control who talk to you, what you do, and where you go.  If they don’t respect your boundaries and independence, it may be time to update your relationship status.¨  


The purpose behind this new campaign is to ¨bring awareness to students in regard to controlling relationships, particularly jealousy and isolation.¨  


Jealousy, isolation, and possession are common ways an abuser can take control of their partner.  Once the abuser takes complete control, the partner becomes more of a possession than an individual.  


According to Kayla Grant, who is the Youth Prevention Services Coordinator at LACASA, the best way to promote the campaign is to talk about the messages behind the campaign.


¨High schoolers can use their voices to make impacting social change in our schools and communities,¨ Grant says.


During the month of March, the campaign will be featured at all Livingston County schools.  Posters will hung around the schools, and there will be special posters with pull tabs in bathroom stalls to give students a chance to obtain LACASA information discreetly.
If anyone are interested in joining the Teen Advisory Council, they can contact Kayla Grant at [email protected] for more information.