Students lead HHS spirit


Every year, the flag and the cowbell are passed down to two students in the junior class by seniors who had received the flag or the cowbell the year before. These students lead the student section, and get the student sections at HHS sports games hyped up ready to cheer on Howell. This is a tradition unique to Howell and is a staple tradition at HHS sports games. It will hopefully continue to be a big part of the school, and the school’s culture with every grade passing these items down.


“Getting the flag is a great honor, I am happy to have to opportunity to be a bigger part of the student section and represent our school,” flag holder Matt Dewar says.


Dewar was selected along with Reanne Szhfranski as the male and female section leaders for the Class of 2018.


To be gifted with the flag or the cowbell, a student must be deemed wanting and willing to participate in school activities. If someone who did not care or respect HHS was chosen to be a student section leader, there would be a lack of pride and enthusiasm in the student sections.


“Kids are chosen for a reason, they won’t pick somebody who will never go to games or don’t like to participate. If you want to be chosen you have to show that you like the school and want to be there and you show that with your school spirit,” Luca Spagnolo says.


Spagnolo does not carry the flag or the cowbell but co-runs the HHS student section twitter along with fellow junior Sydney Pezzoni.


Howell’s reputation for having an engaged student section is one that, with committed and excited student section leaders, will be carried on for years to come. This could be credited to the Student section leaders.


“The way that our student section acts at games, shows other schools what we are all about. If we have a happier or more excited section then that shows the other teams school that Howell is a happy fun place instead of somewhere that just boos the other team,” cowbell holder Tommy Keough says.


In order to represent Howell’s true spirit, the selected students must be willing to participate and not worry so much about how their peers see them. Students must be ready to hype the crowd and lead the fight song with enthusiasm and passion.


“To be an effective student section leader you have to have a big voice, lots of spirit, and be willing to participate in school activities like spirit days and assemblies,” Pezzoni says.


The students who represent the student section influence the school culture and show neighboring schools that HHS is committed to pride and respect for the school and the people in it.


“With any kind of status or leadership role comes great responsibility and that role should be treated with respect,” HHS principal Jason Schrock says.