The penny pinchers guide to a perfect prom


Prom can be one of the most exciting, yet stressful times for all seniors. Whether it’s the dress shopping or the endless search for a date, prom is full of worries. To have a perfect prom, everyone believes that means spending a lot of money, but here are some ways to save money and still have a great prom night.


As soon as senior year begins, prom is already on people’s minds. Prom dresses are the first thing on many girl’s to-do lists. Looking for the perfect dress can be a pain as it is, not to mention how expensive they can be. If someone is looking not to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress they are only going to wear once, then look no further. Twelve Oaks Mall has multiple department stores like JcPenny’s and Lord and Taylor, and also formal dress shops like Windsor. Or find a small boutique for a less hectic experience. But before you go driving all around the state to hunt down a bedazzled, feathered mess, maybe just go to your nearest antique barn to find something unique. There is nothing worse than seeing someone in the same dress. If retro dresses aren’t what they are looking for, ask a friend or neighbor if they have any old formal dresses someone could wear. Have a recycling party and have friends and neighbors bring old formal dresses. By recycling this dress, they can give it a whole new purpose while saving money.  


Once the perfect dress is checked off the to-do list, begin the quest to find the ultimate makeup looks and hair looks. Not everyone needs to go to a luxury hairdresser for a complete makeover. So instead of going to a professional makeup artist or hairdresser, watch Youtube videos on tips to become better at makeup and hair. Or go to a cosmetology school and become their model. Friends can also be a great source of help for these kind of problems. They can help with all of the prep work such as, makeup, hair, and nails. Save the money and wing that eyeliner without anyone else.


Waking up the day before prom with someone’s forehead looking like a horrible polka dot dress, can be a nightmare. Home remedies and a positive mind may be all that’s needed to erase acne. Instead of spending hundreds on spa treatments and facials, get together some friends and have a luxury day. Give each others facials and use do it yourself face masks. Maybe a day with friends will cure the acne completely and keep the bank account from being drained.


Prom is finally here and all that is left is the final touches. Limos are expensive and honestly not worth it. Borrow a nice car from a neighbor or a parent, just promise that nothing bad will happen to it. Also instead of going to a really fancy restaurant before the dance, have a potluck. Let friends and family friends bring a dish to pass and start the night with a bang. For corsages and boutonnieres, hit up your nearest grocery store where they are cheap and worth every penny.
Everything is checked off the list and everyone looks picture perfect. Go dance the night away and have a blast because there is only one senior prom.