10 DIY costumes to get spooky with this Halloween

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google

Skylar Dye, Staff Writer

Gumball Machine

What You’ll Need: Plain white shirt, red pants or skirt, a belt, half a pound of assorted pom-poms, construction paper, glue, hot glue gun, and a black sharpie or marker.

How to get the Look: Take your white shirt and a glue gun and start to apply your pom-poms all over the shirt. Make sure you allow the shirt to dry after applying the pom-poms. Next, take your belt and construction paper. Write 25¢ big and bold in sharpie or marker and then hot glue your piece of construction paper to your belt.

Finishing Touches: After you allowed your shirt and belt to dry, you can begin putting your costume together! Put on any shoes of your choice and stick in a piece of gum for that extra touch if you’d like and you’re all done!

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Boo from Monsters Inc.

What You’ll Need: Oversized pink shirt, purple leggings, pink hair ties, and white shoes.

How to get the Look: This costume is relatively easy and requires very little effort. All you will need to do is simply put on your clothes! Next for the hairstyle, evenly part your hair down the middle so that you have two even sections of hair. Begin to pull your hair up into two, high pigtails to resemble Boo’s hairstyle. That’s it, you’re done!

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What You’ll Need: Green shirt or sweater, white pipe cleaners, pink flower, hot glue gun, and scissors.

How to get the Look: Begin to bend the pipe cleaners into the shape of a V,  if they appear to look too long, go ahead and snip the ends. After you have your pipe cleaners bent and snipped, start to hot glue them onto your shirt.

Finishing Touches: After you have let your shirt to dry, slip on your shirt or sweater and a pair of pants and clip or add your pink flower into your hair and you’re now a cactus!

Image credit: Lina Geisbusch


Ice Cream Cone

What You’ll Need: White dress, assorted pipe cleaners, brown construction paper, plain headband, hot glue gun, tape, and scissors.

How to get the Look: Begin to snip your pipe cleaners so that they’re around 1 ½  inches long. Take your hot glue gun and glue your pipe cleaners onto the dress so that they appear to look like sprinkles. Next, take your brown construction paper and twist it so that it looks like a cone. Tape 2 tabs of the same brown construction paper on the outside of your cone so that you can hot glue your cone down onto the headband.

Finishing Touches: After you have let everything dry, slip on your dress, and put on your headband and you’ve just transformed into a delicious ice cream cone!

Image credit: Brooklyn Simmonds


Crazy Cat Lady

What You’ll Need: Pink robe, lots of cat plushes, crazy glasses, hair curlers, cat slippers, hot glue gun, bobby pins, and hairspray.

How to get the Look: Start by hot gluing cat plushies randomly onto your robe. For the hairstyle, take little sections of hair, wrap them around the curlers, pin them down with bobby pins, and add hairspray to make them last all night.

Finishing Touches: After you have let your robe dry, put your robe on, slip on some fuzzy socks and your cat slippers, and slide your crazy glasses on. That’s it for the crazy cat lady costume!

Image credit: Sarah Jane Faughn

Where’s Waldo

What You’ll Need: Red horizontal striped shirt, circle glasses, red hat, blue jeans, and red shoes.

How to get the Look: This costume is very easy to assemble. All you will need to do is throw on your clothes and that’s it!

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Velma from Scooby Doo

What You’ll need: Glasses, orange sweater, red skirt, orange high socks, and red mary-jane shoes.

How to get the Look: For this look, you will simply just have to put on your clothes.

Finishing Touches: These next steps are optional. Velma has freckles so if you’d like you can draw on some freckles with black or brown pencil eyeliner. To take this costume to a higher level, you could throw on a brown, bobbed hair styled wig to resemble Velma even further.

Image Credit: Howard Fair


Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

What You’ll Need: White long sleeve button down blouse, red and gold striped tie, gray sweater, gray skirt, gray knee high socks, and black mary-jane shoes.

How to get the Look: Simply put on your clothes and make sure your tie is tucked in under your gray sweater.

Finished Touches: To take this look even further, grab a plastic wand to look like a wizard.

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Cowgirl or Cowboy

What You’ll Need: Plaid shirt, red bandana, cowboy hat, cowboy boots, belt, and jeans.

How to get the Look: Simply put on your clothes and tie your bandana around your neck.

Finishing Touches: If you have long hair, you can put your hair in a braid or braided pigtails.

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Mario and Luigi

What You’ll Need: Red or green shirt, blue overalls, white felt, yellow felt, white gloves, red or green hat, scissors, hot glue gun, fake mustache, and brown boots/shoes.

How to get the Look: Start by cutting your white and yellow felt into small circles. The yellow felt circles will act as Mario and Luigi’s buttons on their overalls. Take your white felt circle and draw an M or L in block letters to look like their signature hats. Cut out the M or L from the felt, you will not need this part. Take the remaining white felt circle and hot glue it onto your hat. Hot glue your yellow felt circles onto your overalls.

Finishing Touches: Put on your fake mustache, white gloves, some brown boots or shoes and a friend to be whichever character you didn’t choose!

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