Addam’s family moves to the HHS stage


Image taken from Google

Madie Loebig, Staff Writer

Auditions for the new hit production, The Addams Family, will be occurring at Howell High School this upcoming week. They will be held at the Rod Bushey Performing Arts Center starting at 3p.m. on Tues. Nov. 14 through Thurs. Nov. 16.

Mr. Brendan Closz will be available after school on the days leading up to auditions to go over scripts, discuss the story, and explain how auditions will be run. Mrs. Malo, Joey Burgan, a student director, and Mr.Closz will be attending auditions to help make final cuts during the week.

The Addams Family is an old, very popular, American television show, and was made into several movies. It is a common musical being performed at high schools today. It will be revolving around a dinner party with the Addams family accompanied by their daughter, her boyfriend, and his family.

“It kinda shows that teenage love angst, but also has a lot of stuff for adults in it and it shows the difficulty of when your kids grow up,” Mr. Closz says.