Valentine’s Day DIY gifts


Makayla Sapienza , Sports Editor

Valentine’s Day is the holiday to show love for friends and family. Throughout the years there has been a countless amount of flowers and chocolates sold for Valentine’s Day. This year, to try a new and original gift idea, use one of these, proven to be cute, to make a date feel loved.

The first project is a jar of “52 reasons why I love you.” Although time consuming, this is a fairly easy project. Materials needed are a pen, different colored pieces of paper, mason jar, and tape. First, make a list of 52 reasons why you love that receiver of the gift. Next, write them down on the pieces of paper. Then, fold the notes up and place them in the jar. Adding their favorite candy to the jar makes for an additional sweet treat. This project would rate a five out of five candy hearts for its inexpensive but heartfelt design.

Next up is “open when” letters. This would be a good gift for a couple who has been together for a while. This can take a few hours to do. The supplies are simple: markers, pencils, lined paper, and envelopes. For each letter, pick a holiday or occasion to write about. Title the envelope, “open when it’s Valentine’s day” and write a letter on why you love them. Do this using different holidays or emotions, for example, “open when you’re sad” and write things that will cheer them up, or “open when you miss me.” Decorate the envelopes with stickers or doodles to add some personality to them. This gets a rating of four of five candy hearts. The anticipation of them having to wait to open the letters is exciting.

The last project is a series of corny puns to give. These are quick and easy to do, and provide a good giggle. Deep down, everybody loves a good pun, even if they groan at it. Get a bag of gummy bears and tape a piece of paper to it saying “Life without you is unBEARable.” Or get a pack of gum and write “I wouldn’t chews anyone but you.” Another good one is getting a Hot Wheels car and taping on a note that says “you still make my heart race.” These are simple ideas, so it’s rated a three of five candy hearts.

With these ideas, Valentine’s Day is sure to be a hit.