Pull the plug on Paul?

© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Skylar Dye, Staff Writer

Logan Paul has been making headlines on social media lately for his recent, questionable behavior. It’s unclear as to what Paul’s intentions are as he uploads his controversial vlogs on to Youtube.  

Paul already has a bad reputation from social media because the majority of his audience is little kids. The content that Paul produces is very inappropriate for a young viewer to be watching. The Youtuber has over 16 million subscribers on his vlog channel and what really upsets people is that he doesn’t set a good example for his subscribers or even tries to be a positive role model to his extremely large audience. I believe his motivation for producing content is just for the money. So, if he upsets people along the way, it really doesn’t matter to him as long as he’s making a good buck.

Paul really stirred the pot though when he broke headlines with his extremely controversial video that he posted called, “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” Paul even went as far to put the dead body in his video’s thumbnail. The video went on to show that Paul and his friends found a young man hanging from a tree who sadly took his own life. Paul and his friends did not take the matter seriously and even went as far as to laugh and joke about what they had just found. Thankfully the video was taken down, but not because it clearly violated Youtube’s guidelines and regulations, but because Paul made the decision to take it down. I don’t think Paul took the video down because he knew the video was immoral, but probably because he didn’t want the hate nor the criticism he was getting.

I was especially infuriated when I saw that Youtube let the video be on the Top Trending page and had over 6 million views before it was deleted.

As a response to all the backlash from his video, Paul came out with an “apology”. Many people, including myself, read his apology that he posted on Twitter and thought it came off a bit insincere and even a little narcissistic. He stated that it was a mistake for him to post the video, when in reality, it was his choice to post it. He filmed the video, took the time to edit it, exported it, and published it to Youtube. He had all that time to make the decision if he should post the video or not and he made his choice to post it, knowing what the video holds. He also stated that he didn’t post the video for views. Well if the video wasn’t posted for views, then why was the poor man’s body in the thumbnail and the title?

His apology only focuses on himself and never once did he mention the victim, the victim’s family, suicide prevention, mental health, or how the video made others feel. It is disgusting. 

The Youtuber took a month off of Youtube to gather himself and hopefully learn from his mistakes, but unfortunately that was not the case. Paul came back to Youtube and posted another disturbing video of him tasering dead rats. Whether or not you think it was okay for him to taser dead rats, you may want to understand that he’s promoting this type of behavior to young children who are the ages of 8-14 years old.

It’s uncertain as to why Paul keeps making these mistakes and not learning from them. Is this just a publicity stunt to get him more views and more revenue? Or is this Youtuber just very problematic?

Either way, the Youtuber still has his 16 million subscribers and is still not doing anything to encourage his audience to make a positive impact on the world. It baffles me that people are still supporting Paul but, I, myself, will not support this Youtuber and his faulty actions until he does something to fix them.