Ted Talks come to the Rod Bushey Performing Arts Center

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Ted Talks come to the Rod Bushey Performing Arts Center

Makayla Sapienza, Editor in Chief

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On Wed, Feb 27, Howell High School is hosting the second annual Ted Talks. This event lets students showcase topics that are important to them, “Ideas Worth Sharing”.


Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the main office and online at www.eventbrite.com. The show will be held in the Rod Bushey Performing Arts Center from 6-8:30 pm.


With hosts senior Alli Mitter and senior Holly Humphries, and a wide variety of topics, it is predicted to be an interesting and exciting event.


Senior Grace Snell has been preparing her talk on the idea that anyone can be an artist.


“I had an idea that I thought was worth sharing with the world,” Snell said.


Junior Morgan Carstensen is presenting on empowering women in STEM, and the importance of robotics in schools. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics.


“I hope the audience gains a new perspective on STEM and get their children involved in STEM earlier,” Carstensen said.


Some of the other presenters are talking about generational grey areas, technology, dietary awareness, and being your own best friend.


“People should go to the event because it’s really inspiring and uplifting,” junior Sharon Kwan said.


In addition to the talks, the Flute Choir and percussion band will be performing, as well as a guest speaker. All of the talks will be up on YouTube after the event.

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