Senior Survivor 2021: Monday Recap

Maggie Carstensen, Staff Writer

The day started off with the elimination of Team Davey Jones and Team G-Force. For the first challenge, the survivors were put in teams of two for a dance challenge. They were required to select a costume with no knowledge of their song, then choose a song randomly from a hat draw and choreograph a 30 second dance. The winners of a morning VG’s run were Team Shrock’n’roll and Team Jujo with their dance to the song, “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence. They then went on a search for mystery bags around the school, and those along with a bag of materials they will have to help an egg survive being dropped from the balcony in the field house for immunity. Since there were more than one egg that survived, there was an egg race around the commons to determine who is safe. In the end, immunity went to team Lane Train who won the race.

David Johnston(Left) and Zach Metz(Right) give their confessionals after a challenge.