Survivor Day 3: Grind Time

Ryan Cirella & Jackson Kovarik, Sports Editor, Staff Writer

Survivor Day 3: Grind Time

Ryan Cirella, Jackson Kovarik

Sports Editor, Staff Writer


Tuesday’s reward challenge took place in the kitchen. The survivors were paired up in groups of three to see who could bake the best cake in 15 minutes, but there was a twist. Each team was given a chance to get a mystery ingredient out of a hat, with ingredients ranging from delicious to obscure. 

“We got the very unlucky draw of jalapenos, and everyone else got sprinkles and oreos and stuff so we were definitely set up for failure from the beginning,” Aidan Ralko said. 

The winning group of the cake bake off was… Team ADRalko, Team Brookie Cookie, and Team Rock n’ Ro. They won this challenge with the random ingredient of Jalapenos. They had arguably the worst mystery ingredient but ultimately persevered and created the best tasting and creative looking cake for the judges.

“Not very many cakes have jalapenos in it, but luckily we took that idea and helped make it shape what we wanted our cake to look like and that helped overall,” Ralko said. 

While the cakes were baking, an immunity challenge was held. In this challenge one survivor wore headphones while their partner read off questions for them to attempt to answer correctly. The survivors picked their partner for this challenge that they thought they would be the best to work with.

“I don’t think there was a difficult part, we went nine for nine…. Period,” Trey Stone said. 

The winners of the immunity challenge were… Team Ice Trey and Team Rock n’ Ro. However, only one was granted immunity, so they had to compete against each other for immunity. They were sent off on a quest to find four puzzle pieces that have been hidden around the school and the first person to do so was granted immunity for another day. Team Ice Trey winded up earning immunity.

“I am just focused on tomorrow, winning immunity tomorrow… no further comment,” Rohan Cheerla said.