Veterans’ memorial to be rededicated after renovations

Natalie Dunn, Editor in Chief

rsz_img_0065By Editor in Chief: Natalie Dunn

When something doesn’t change, and remains a static part of the landscape, very few notice. Someone who walks past the courthouse in downtown Howell every day may not even know that the white structure that stands in the corner by the sidewalk and the parking lot adjacent to the Dairy Queen is a memorial for Livingston County’s veterans.

Thanks to the city of Howell’s recent and ongoing work on the memorial, however, it’s becoming much more than a white structure on the courthouse lawn. The memorial now has a brick walkway around it, as well as large flower beds. The colorful landscaping serves as a constant tribute to the memory of those who have died in the communities of Livingston County.

These new renovations, almost finished, will be concluded by September 28, when there will be a rededication ceremony at the memorial. There will be military personnel present, and John Colone will be the keynote speaker. Colone is a Vietnam Veteran from the Pinckney area.

“The purpose of the Veteran’s Memorial is to remind us of the sacrifice of those who have fought and died in the cause of our liberty. It is a good thing for the community to have this splendid monument refurbished and expanded, as it will keep their memory ever fresh in our minds and our hearts full of gratitude. The new construction is noble in its design and complements the city well. I was happy to approve of the project and look forward to the dedication,” says Mayor Phillip Campbell. Campbell will also be attending the ceremony.