Foreign exchange students making themselves at home in Howell

rsz_exchange_3By Editor in Chief: Natalie Dunn

Every year, Howell becomes a second home to students from all over the world for one semester, or the entire year in some cases. Exchange students live with a host family for the duration of their stay, and attend school at Howell High, learning about American culture and studying hard as well.

This year’s exchange students come from Austria, Germany, Mexico, and even France. Some having only lived here for a month, they’re already making friends and gaining new and exciting experiences. Lina Marie Brinkman, from Germany, is interested in joining the marching band.

rsz_exchange_2“I like the weather here. It’s warmer than Germany. It’s strange, because [in Germany] we measure temperature in Celsius…and here it’s in Fahrenheit,” Brinkman says.

Verena Kipp, also from Germany, finds that the classes at Howell are more fun than the ones in Germany. She likes Space Science. “I like the blueberry pancakes, too,” she says, and laughs.