Howell Public Schools installs new security system

Lexi Petroi and Lexi Petroi

securityBy Staff Writer: Lexi Petroi

In order to maintain its ongoing effort to provide a secure learning environment for its students, Howell Public Schools has invested and installed a buzzer system at the main entrance of its elementary and middle schools as well as at the Freshman Campus building.

This system allows all doors to be locked at all times. When a visitor would like to enter the building, the buzzer would be pushed. From there, a secretary from the main office would be able to communicate with the visitor using the system’s microphone while also being able to see the visitor on an exterior camera. From there, the secretary will buzz in the visitor and instruct them to report to the main office for a visitor’s pass. This allows the schools to control who enters the buildings at all times.

Howell High School, however, does not have a buzzer system installed because of their welcome desk located at the main entrance that is always occupied by one or more of its security guards.

Being that this is the first year the system has been installed, it’s a success so far.

“The district just wants to make our schools as safe as they possibly can. With this new buzzer system, it makes the students and staff feel more secure when coming to school, which is a great thing,” says Director of Safe Schools, Patrick Sidge.