Small cast creates huge movie

Alexis Klask and Alexis Klask

By Staff Writer: Alexis Klaskdownload

With only seven cast members, Gravity did much more than succeed in profits. The film presented beautifully crafted effects alongside with academy award winner, Sandra Bullock, and her supporting lead male, two time academy award winner, George Clooney.

Bullock plays a medical engineer named Ryan Stone and after being trained as an astronaut for six months, is sent into space with Matt Kowalski (Clooney). While both are working on a space station, a series of events occur when a Russian satellite is destroyed causing debris to travel over 20,000 miles per hour towards the station that Kowalski and Stone are at.

The movie follows Stone through her adventures of floating aimlessly off into space for the first quarter. It then takes a dramatic twist as to whether she will or will not make it back to earth, safely.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat for the majority of this movie.

There were many parts of the movie that caused my mouth to drop agape and question what the next scene would be.

I was not intentionally interested in this movie, but after seeing it I can say it was eight dollars well spent.

I felt as though I was able to learn a little bit about space and it made me realize why I would never want to be an astronaut. The movie proved to me that such a profession is much more difficult than it is made out to be and quite frankly, it’s frightening.

Given that most of the movie was produced using a green screen, Bullock and Clooney did a fantastic job with their acting and reactions to one another. The editors had to put the debris in digitally, so this means that when Clooney and Bullock would react to the debris in the movie, they were really reacting to absolutely nothing.

It just goes to show what it takes to be able to win an Academy Award. Bullock, being the lead in Gravity, was able to portray a depressed, terrified, yet strong woman stuck in space. Bullock was able to put her mindset in Dr. Stone and with that was able to bring a character to life.

I would recommend this movie to people who are looking for twists and a good plot. I gasped many times throughout the film and surprisingly laughed a couple of times. Gravity contains almost every bit of genre that a blockbuster should contain.

And it contains an important message: never give up.