Library welcomes teens to their annual event

Rachel Cichon and Rachel Cichon

HalloweenParty_Flier_FinalBy Staff Writer: Rachel Cichon

Each year, the Howell Carnegie Library hosts a Halloween party for teenagers between grades 6 and 12. The party was suggested by the Teen Library Council, a group that works to provide teenagers with programs they will enjoy, and is put on by Janice Heilman, a youth services worker at the library. Annually at the party the attendees are treated to entertaining activities such as costume contests, henna tattoos and pumpkin decorating. This year, the occasion will be on Thursday, Oct. 24, starting at 6 p.m. at the library.

“Last year’s party was a lot of fun! It was great to see so many teens having fun enjoying the library, especially at an event that teens helped plan. Teens are so creative, I love when we can help provide an outlet for that creativity,” says Heilman.

About 50 teenagers attended the party last year, and the ladies working the party expect around the same turnout this October. Gus’s Carry-Out donated prizes to the party last year for winners of both the costume contest and a game called “Dr. Gross’s lab”. That game will be replaced this year with a Halloween pin project and a guessing jar. Each activity is set up in its own room and teenagers can spend as much time at one as they choose. Thematic music is played throughout the room to help increase Halloween spirit.

A main attraction of the event is pumpkin bowling, which uses plastic bowling pins and a medium-sized pumpkin without a stem to knock them over. This is played on a tarp in case the area become messy.

The entire event, including the Halloween-themed snacks such as blood red punch and chocolate witch hats that are served, is free and open to any teenager that wants to come. Pre-registration is required and can be achieved by calling the library or visiting the youth services desk in the downstairs section of the building. The library staff that will be hosting the party look forward to the event and encourage any teen to come and enjoy the party.

“There are always a lot of parties and fun activities around Halloween time.  The library helps with some activities at the Legend of Sleepy Howell.  It’s really wonderful to have a Halloween Party that is just for the middle and high school age.  They really appreciate it,” says Heilman.