Superstar artists release potential blockbusters

James Edwards and James Edwards

eminem-mmlp2By Staff Writer: James Edwards

There has been many new CDs to have come out recently but the album that has topped it all off has been Drake’s Nothing Was The Same.

Drake’s new album has a lot of support among Howell students. It seems as though many teenagers playing the new tracks in their car like “Started From The Bottom” or “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” “I love the new album, everyone loves it and I think it’s been a huge success,” says Howell senior Patrick Wagner, who is also in the Howell choir.

The success of this album is not only evident in the high school but has proved widespread support amongst the community. The album topped the billboard and has other artists in the game displaying respect to Drake.

Although Nothing Was The Same, has been a great success, the anticipation for Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 is legit. You can probably figure that out for yourself if you turn on any hip-hop station, because within five minutes you are guaranteed to hear his single that has already been released to the public, “Berserk.” Another single that has been released, “Survival,” will be showcased in the upcoming “Call of Duty: Ghosts”. “Rap God” has been released to the public as well. That puts the confirmed track count at three.

This album is a sequel to Em’s third studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP. This was the first album that gave rise to his dark and violent lyrics. This is easily the most anticipated album of 2013.

Eminem has a reputation for featuring other artists in his music, and the same should be expected for this album. With rumors speculating that Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Tyler, the Creator are going to be featured in some tracks, the MMLP2 is sure to be another great album in Eminem’s storied career. “Of course this is going to be another great album out of him (Eminem),” says Wagner.