Writer of “Allegiant” shows dauntless characteristics with surprise ending

Alexis Klask, Staff Writer

photo (4)By Staff Writer: Alexis Klask

Calling Veronica Roth, author of the best-selling Divergent trilogy, ruthless would be a compliment after reading her final book. Roth continues to impress the young adult dystopian crowd with Allegiant given that on the first day that it was released, 455,000 copies were sold worldwide.

Not only does Roth prove to write more bravely than John Green (writer of The Fault in Our Stars), but she ends the trilogy in such a beautiful way that answers most of the questions asked throughout the entire series.

“I’ve said before that this ending was always a part of the plan, but one thing I want to make clear is that I didn’t choose it to shock anyone, or to upset anyone,” Roth said on an interview with MTV.

I was blind-sided.

Upon finishing the book, I held it up to my forehead and cried.

The emotional attachment to this trilogy is probably unhealthy, but it was just so amazing. Roth’s book was a perfect final installment and was written in such a way that moved me.

It did move me to tears.

After waiting a little over a year for Allegiant, I can rightfully say that it was well worth it. Roth’s writing style is so unique for one just getting out of college. It surprised me that a 25 year old was capable of writing such a moving story within the span of three years.

Only six chapters in, she viciously kills a character well known from the first book and then kills off another character from the first book a few chapters later. Her bold moves are representative of why she can be called ruthless.

For Allegiant, Roth decided to write in two different points of views; Tris Prior (the heroine and protagonist of the books) and her lover, Tobias Eaton. This allowed readers to understand how Tobias felt about Tris and was able to capture different events that both experienced.

I enjoyed this aspect because it was able to showcase the emotions between Tris and Tobias and that was something I wanted from the very beginning. I was able to lure myself deep into Tobias’ thoughts and past rather than just Tris’, who narrates the first two books.

There is no negativity I have towards this book. I loved every part of it and even though I did not necessarily enjoy the ending, I enjoyed the purpose it served. It was a valuable moral and I can appreciate that from Roth.

Roth wrote a story about the life of a girl whose one decision changed her life forever. I was lucky enough to be able to read her story and learn more about Tris Prior. I found out about her life and was there to read when she fell in love. I was there when she was deceived and when she was physically and emotionally hurt by the ones she loved.

I was met with twists and turns throughout the entire trilogy, but none compared to the ending of Allegiant. I cannot recommend enough that everyone needs to dive into the series because they were some of the most impressive books I have ever read.

Veronica Roth welcomed me into a world that she created. It was her story and she knew how it was going to end. I respect her so much for her decision that she made and because of that decision, I will rightfully look up to her as a powerful, creative, and intelligent author.