College athletics’ truths to be unveiled in seminar

Rachel Brauer, Staff Writer

Athletics_tracks_finish_lineBy Staff Writer: Rachel Brauer

For some, the hardest part of choosing which college to attend is due to the type of athletic programs they carry. To be eligible to participate in any type of college sports, students must be evaluated by their performance in a particular sport by coaches and/or recruiters.

Sometimes it’s difficult for both athletes and their families to understand why coaches made their final decision because of the evaluation.  One athlete might receive more financial aid than another, even those who have the same skill level.  This is often because the particular athlete has had more exposure and sponsoring in the sports world than the other.

Jack Renkens,  a former college athletics coach and recruiting expert, reveals the truth and all the need to know secrets in his 60-minute presentation about the college recruiting process. Renkens is coming to Howell High School to present his lecture Monday, November 18 in the high school auditorium at 7 p.m.. The event is open to the public.