“Footloose” cast ready for opening night

Madison Deadman, A&E Editor

By A&E Editor: Madi Deadman

Students of all grades unite together with a mighty enthusiasm to create, what they claim, an extremely successful production. After auditions, which consisted of a dance workshop, reading sides, learning music, and callbacks, the “A” list was posted with the carefully selected cast. Soon after, they plunged into their demanding rehearsal process. For the leads and supporting roles, Ms. Amanda Malo (drama teacher) met with each of them in groups in a dressing room to discuss their characters in depth, went into great detail about their backgrounds, and pulled from the actors’ own lives to make their role really come to life. Many actors were amazed at how much that exercise impacted their performance.

“This emotional take was so beneficial. Every word has a meaning, every action has a meaning. Each time you do something there is a purpose for it. There is always a motivation behind everything which is kind of how the world works too,” says junior Jonathan Miller. Miller plays the lead character, Ren McCormack. This character was portrayed by Kevin Bacon in the famous movie rendition of the story.

Every day after school the actors met in the drama room or main stage and began singing and learning the show’s music score. After that, they moved on to blocking the songs and scenes on the stage. This routine carried on until 6:30 p.m. at the latest but the participants were more than happy to spend so much time working on the project. In fact, many call it their “home away from home”.

“I love coming here every day. I feel safe, happy, and it’s really a great escape.” says junior Peter Heslip, who has the supporting role of Reverend Shaw Moore

This cast has a bond like no like other, which also makes the long rehearsals worthwhile. The energy and love was hard to surpass throughout the interview.

“We’ve made some really strong friendships and great memories. We are all just so close, it’s really amazing. Even on the worst of days, you walk in the drama room and you are automatically happy. Right off the bat Jon and I could make ugly faces at each other and still love each other at the end of the day. Now that is true friendship,” says junior Tori Rogers. Rogers plays the lead character of Ariel Moore, the Reverend’s rebellious daughter.

Even with all the bonding and positive relationships, there have been some challenges they have had to face. One was being connected to the depth of each role. Heslip, playing the alleged bad-guy, has struggled with the emotional depth with his character. To the kids in the show he is a villain, but to the adults he is a saint. He has to do what he thinks is best for the community, meanwhile the teenagers are all miserable, but Reverend Shaw just sees how much better he thinks everything is. Reverent Shaw has a lot on his plate and Heslip has given it his all to portray these complications believably. Rogers had difficulty with the same issue.

“It’s just different for me to have to show all of these emotions. It’s really exciting but I like it because I’m not used to it!” says Rogers.

The cast is excited to perform and show all of their hard work to a live audience and especially their peers. They would like to thank Ms. Amanda Malo, Ms. Rebecca Dilworth (Mama D), and Rebecca Gyzm for all of their encouragement and input. They are the core of the entire production. Without them, this project would not have been possible.

“This is number one favorite show I have ever been a part of. The director is amazing, the costumes are great, and the choreography is superb. We just have so much going for this production, and I cannot wait to share what we’ve got,” says Miller.