The future alteration of the American government

map-163635_640Importance of youth involvement in politics

By Staff Writer: Alexis Klask

“My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America will do for you, but what, together, we can do for the freedom of man,” John Fitzgerald Kennedy said in his Inaugural Address.

This speech by JFK was one of the most remembered speeches throughout his presidential term.  He’s telling his people that not only will he promise to help them with their needs, but he wants their help in return. He wants them to be involved and to take pride in their homeland, America. In order for the people to be benefited, they must take action.

Citizens in America have a designated right to be engaged in the government whether it be by voting, lobbying, expressing their views, becoming a politician, or any other countless ways to make a difference. A group often overlooked about getting involved in politics is usually the youth.

I asked an anonymous student why he/she chose to not get involved in government issues to which the student responded, “I’m a teenager.”

We all have a choice if we want to be the difference or if we want to watch the difference. It makes me wonder if I should blame the student for lack of participation or the government itself for not oppressing the idea even teenagers can make a change in the United States.

Is it wise for the people to be uniformed and become inadequate voters because the less they know the better? In the eyes of politicians, I think yes. If we don’t understand politics then we will be more likely to vote with whatever sounds best based on falsified views.

On the flip side however, as said by HHS senior Matthew Shevchik, “It’s our future and we should depict how it’s formed, and since we are a people’s country we should influence politics in any way that we can.”

And that’s true.

We are a people’s country. The reason we separated from the dictating ways of England was because we knew how important people were and the significant role they play in government. People deserve to have a choice and as teenagers, once we turn 18, we too will have a choice.

As said by an anonymous source, “If you don’t vote, you’re going to get screwed.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Voting is a huge part in our system of government given that we are a democracy. In order to vote properly, it is important to stay informed on current events, policies being passed, and to realize what your views are. People have a lack of participation and maybe it’s because they feel like their one vote won’t make a significant change. Little do they know who holds the power in the back and forth tipping scale weighing the citizens of America and the American government.

Maintaining a high political efficacy is urgent in today’s society because I feel like that’s the only way we can make a difference. Students at my school have done a lot more than I anticipated staying involved and I applaud them for realizing that they can be the innovation.

For example, Mattew Meagher, a senior who turned 18 not too long ago, made sure to take the proper steps to become a registered voter. He has contacted who he deems necessary in order to get his points across and in order to help better his and his friends’ lives.

“We are entering a phase where school is not in control of us anymore. The government is. And now we have a say in what happens,” says Meagher.

“Nothing ever changes,” is a common statement made by both adults and teenagers alike defending why they don’t get involved. But take a look at the first amendment and realize that YOU have a RIGHT to freedom of speech, freedom of press, to petition, to religion, and to peacefully assemble.

You as a citizen of the United States of America have the ability to lobby and contact senators or representatives. You can help fund a campaign or petition against something you strongly dislike.

Watch current events on CNN or NSNBC of FOX and inform yourself. Read the constitution and understand your rights and increase your political efficacy in any way you feel necessary. Express your beliefs and debate others who disagree.

Get involved because WE are the future America. WE are the generation that is going to carry on the legacy of a country governed by the people, for the people.

We are the ones who toggle the scale because we are the ones who possess the power to make a difference. We are not just teenagers with small voices that should go unheard.

We are a massive power in disguise and once more people understand the great position that we hold, we will be revealed and will show America how much weight we hold on our governmental tipping scale.