Annual concert unites choir and band programs

                                                                      By Editor in Chief: Natalie Dunn

As the rain and temperature continue to fall, it seems as though April showers are coming late, and delaying the May flowers this spring. Luckily, the first days of May do once again mean that the Howell High School auditorium will be hosting the Collage concert.

This concert is the annual bridge between the choir and band programs. Mr. Rod Bushey’s A Capella, Highlander Chorale, Women’s Select, Classicality, and Calamity groups will be performing, as well as Mr. Jason Smigell’s Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Percussion Ensemble. These talented groups will be supplemented by soloists and small groups of students from both programs who received high scores at State Solo and Ensemble competitions.

“This is another one of my favorite concerts, because it’s mainly my most experienced kids, and it’s nice to take care of just the music, and let the rest unfold. There’s going to be lots of good music, and I’m looking forward to it,” says Mr. Smigell.