New water fountains improve HHS

fountainBy News Editor: Kayla McClain

When students came back from spring break on Monday, April 26, they began noticing a revelation in the halls. During the rigorous school day, some students need a drink from a nearby water fountain for a cool refreshment. Only now, technology is advancing, and the Leadership class has brought to Howell High School Water Bottle Filling Stations.

“How it came about was I always ask the Leadership kids about ways to improve the school,” Mr. Aaron Metz, Leadership teacher, says. “One of my students, Sam Abdoo, said, ‘You know, with the number of students who carry water bottles around, it would really be nice if we had a way to fill them up without tipping them over and spilling the water.”

Abdoo had seen this type of fountain at other places, and believed Howell was able to obtain the technology. After looking at the prices of different stations, she communicated with the maintenance department, and they installed them for the school.

“One of the goals of Leadership is to help Howell High School be a better place for students, even something as simple as getting filtered, clean water,” Mr. Metz says.

There are a total of three filling stations that were purchased for the school. One is by the cafeteria, one is upstairs in the main building, and the third will soon be installed in the field house. Although this is a new adjustment, so far students seem to enjoy it.

“Everything we heard has been pretty positive feedback,” Mr. Metz says. “Students are still finding out where they’re at and things like that. From what I’ve heard, students say they fill their water bottles up with crystal clean water that’s cold.”

As for positive feedback, senior Jackie Dobbie is one who is pleased with this addition to the school.

“I think the new water fountains are sick!” Dobbie says. “And especially a lot cleaner. I feel like HHS is coming around to be a cleaner, more high-tech school, which is really helpful.”

Not only are students impressed with the technology, but so far there have been no defects of the system. The only complaint is that there is a want for more of them. Even Drama teacher, Ms. Amanda Malo, would like one closer to her classroom.

“I think they are a great idea. The one in our back hallway barely works! I would love to get a new one,” Ms. Malo says.

Leadership is grateful that the fountains are a success, because this was a way of giving back to the students and the school.

“We didn’t want to make a big deal,” Mr. Metz says. “We just wanted to let people know they are out there. It was something nice to do to show [the students] that we appreciate them.”