No Shave November isn’t just for fun


Alexa Skonieski, Social Media Editor

The month of carving pumpkins and eating handfuls of candy corn is slowly coming to an end. Of course it’s a little sad because it’s the end of high school football season and dressing up in our Halloween costumes, but now we can look forward to the November festivities. That means No Shave November will be in full swing. During the month of November people don’t shave, guys and girls. By the end of the month, the guys look like cavemen. Personally, I think it’s funny for the guys to do the hairy activity but for the girls, I think they should definitely not throw away their shavers.

Many people think No Shave November is just a fun activity to do during the month, but it is so much more than that. The goal of No Shave November is to embrace the blessing of hair since cancer patients cannot. The money you would spend on haircuts and shavers should go to cancer research. All the money raised for No Shave November goes to the American Cancer Association for 2014.

“Not a lot of people really participate in No Shave November anymore, there is too many Gillettes out there.” Says Senior Austin Fournier.

Junior and senior sisters, Alexis Yenshaw and Sierra Yenshaw, both said they were not participating in No Shave November. “I don’t want to look like a Yeti” says Alexis.

“No I am not participating because it would be unfair… I would totally win,” Sierra said jokingly.

Junior Thomas Lassiter stated that he will be participating this month saying, “It’s for a good cause and also a great way for me to show off how well I grow a beard“.

As a girl, I enjoy cleanly shaved legs. I honestly don’t think I could go the whole month without shaving my legs. I don’t plan on participating in the “no shave” part of No Shave November,  but I would love to donate money for the cause. The American Cancer Association does such wonderful things for the people like helping them fight back against cancer.

Grow some crazy facial hair, let the leg hair grow long, or donate some money if the “no shave” is not for you. You can go to to participate or donate to the hair crazy cause. Show your progress by using #Letitgrow on social media to help promote a cancer free life.