The Wizard of Oz adventure


Kyra Moen, Staff Writer

Last week, the cast of The Wizard of Oz embarked on an adventure to Howell’s various elementary schools. The cast got into character and set off to entertain and enlighten the children of Howell. This was an opportunity to advertise for the play, as well as give the cast performing experience.

“It let them (the performers) see what it is going to be like with a live audience,” Drama teacher and play director, Mrs. Amanda Malo says.

In addition, it let the cast see how kids would react to the costumes, scenes and characters. It gave the Howell High School performers feedback from the targeted audience and helped them prepare for this week’s big opening.

“I loved it so much; all the kids really liked it,” senior and the actress playing Glinda, Tori Rogers, says

The cast tours the elementary schools encouraging the kids to go home and talk about the musical with their parents. Touring is an advertising technique that the cast believes works for them.

“It honestly puts the word out. ” Rogers says. The cast members repeatedly reminded the elementary students to go home and tell their parents about the play.

The Wizard of Oz tour was an advertising ploy in addition to letting the cast get used to playing their characters in front of a live audience. It was an event that both the student cast members and the children at the elementary schools enjoyed.

“We just sang and danced and told them to come see the show.” Rogers says.