Parking lots at HHS worry student drivers


Jordan Pudvay, Social Media Editor

As Michigan’s weather is starting to hit and more student at Howell are getting their licenses throughout the year, Howell High School’s parking lots are getting even crazier to get in and out of before and after school. Students make their own parking spots, don’t park in the lines or are driving huge cars that don’t fit in the parking spaces. This year alone, there have been two accidents in the parking lots and more than enough accidents that have almost happened because people don’t watch where they’re going. Students whip around corners, cut lines, race out of the parking lots like they’re drag racing and cut over sidewalks or the grass ditches just to get out first.

Getting into the school is even worse. The stoplight is never long enough if you’re turning left into the school from Grand River and the Michigan Lefts are a sheet of ice in the winter on M-59. There are so many other people trying to get to work and school all at the same time and a lot of them tailgate others and swerve all around.

Both the green and red lots are insane to get in and out of, at any time of the school day. Many students want the best parking spots and don’t care how they park, although there are students obey the rules and know what a parking spot is and still have to deal with students who don’t park straight. When I was in the green lot last year, leaving in the afternoon was horrible and when last year’s winter hit, the unplowed lots made it worse. This year’s winter is expected to be worse so students need to take their time, check both ways and take into consideration the weather.