No more musicals for Malo


Jackie Keranen, Staff Writer

In the fall of 2002, Mrs. Amanda Malo started teaching at Howell High School. During this time, she has been the director for ten different musicals. Recently, Mrs. Malo announced that she was stepping down from directing musicals. This was a huge shock to the drama department.

“It was a tough decision, but musicals take a tremendous amount of work,” Mrs. Malo says, “I was unable to balance the dedication required for a musical and my family time.”

Mrs. Malo has a six-year-old daughter, Charlotte, who she wants to be able to focus on. Charlotte has been in seven shows. This helps the students get to know Mrs. Malo as a mother, and see what her life is like outside of school.

“It doesn’t hit me as hard being a senior, because I was able to finish my high school acting career with Malo,” senior Aspen Pyle says. “But he legacy Malo left here is amazing., so many students look up to her.”

If you’re not in the graduating class of 2015, future musicals without Mrs. Malo will definitely be different.

“It won’t be the same without Malo,” sophomore Lauren Tippie says.

Musicals are a collaborative effort between Mr. Bushey, Mr. Smigell, and Mrs. Malo. Musicals are a time that the band, choir, and drama classes can all come together to pull a major production.

“I absolutely love working with students, and watching them progress and learn what they are capable of doing,” Mrs. Malo says.

Mrs. Malo also says a lot of practice and staying after school is required for all actors and actresses that participate in a musical. However, students learn that hard work pays off, when they are on stage performing under the glowing lights.

“I’m grateful to the Howell community for their continued support, even when I decided to step down,” Mrs. Malo says.